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Re: VOY Caption Contest 103; A Hard Time

DOCTOR: Harry, you've lost ten matches in a row, you're going to permanently damage your arms.
KIM: NO! If I win, the fans will finally like me!

NEELIX: Lt Carey, watch out, an alien parasite is emerging from your abdomen!
CHAKOTAY: No, no Neelix. That's what happens to humans when they, you know...

TUVOK: Now that I'm in charge, my first order of business is to be obnoxiously callous about letting some die so the rest of us can survive, and then be smug about human emotion whenever anyone complains.

DOCTOR: I fail to understand why you asked me to make these cosmetic alterations to Chakotay.
JANEWAY: I've got a bet with Tuvok that noone will notice.

CHAKOTAY: I told B'elana, no way they'll believe me that this is a real Native American ritual. It's a freaking preschool arts and crafts project. They're actually going for it.
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