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Re: Why do you like Star Trek

I have an imagination and a desire to continue the exploration in space. I am fascinated by what we might find out there. I also have a passing interest in anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and sociology. It's my liberal arts education. Therefore, I find the shows to be entertaining on those levels and you don't get to see many television series that tackle those issues on a weekly basis.

When I was 7, I just liked Wesley Crusher. As I grew up, I found I liked the space battles. Soon after that, I put Star Trek on the shelf for 10 years and came back only occasionally when I was feeling nostalgic. As events in my life caused me more pain than I was able to handle, Star Trek gave me some comfort, both as a connection to childhood and intellectually for the man to get some satisfaction that the world would not always be this harsh.

I watch now because it is hope in a sea of chaos. I know it by heart because I have been around it all my life. But it really is a new journey to watch this as an adult again.
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