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Re: Young Justice, Green Lantern return January 5th

I thought both episodes for each respective series were pretty good this week. It sucks that they are both getting canceled because I think they've been very good this season. At least they'll end on high notes.

With GL, I really liked Carol and a lot of her lines, some were pretty amusing. And I think evil Aya is both scary and sexy. I'm glad that she didn't wilt just at the sight of Razer and has upped her villainy to another level. I wish though that they would redesign the Antimonitor suit to fit her better. Seeing Atrocitus again was pretty cool and I enjoyed the trial by combat.

As for YJ, a really good episode. They've done a really good job with Sportmaster, Cheshire, and Artemis throughout the series and that shined through here again. I also liked how the show has handled Black Manta. My favorite scene was where he blew up his own men to get to Aqualad. I also liked how Nightwing used some detective work to start putting the pieces together about Blue Beetle.
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