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Re: What do Star Trek fans think of Stargate?

I registered because I wanted to share my opinion on this subject. First and foremost I want to state that Stargate is better than 99 percent of anything on television. However, Star Trek in any incarnation is still superior to Stargate IMHO.

Stargate seriously lacks the romanticism exploration that Star Trek encompasses. Stargate has too many militaristic elements and I am not too fond of the setting being in the current present in time on Earth. It is just not escapist enough in a sense.

I agree with others that every planet SG-1 seems to visit looks like Canada and I agree that it sort of detracts from the element of exploration. Trek a least offers a cornucopia of planetary settings. Trek is the ultimate in science fiction because it is the perfect mixture of science, space battles and drama, exploration and an escapism setting. Even Star Wars is better than Stargate because Star Wars offers a sense of escapism.

With everything stated Stargate is superb and I have watched every episode of every season of every series except the last year of SGU. Stargate has some gem episodes but I think that on average as others have stated that it seems to have a large proportion of bad episodes when compared to Trek.
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