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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

I loved this movie. Bond as a bad guy. If you've been following Daniel Craig from the beginning, you will see similarities between Bond and Rodriguez. Bond has been flying by the seat of his pants, toeing the line with M since his first movie (re: using her password login to get information after blowing up an embassy, etc). In this movie, Bond has a scar from one of M's choices, to shoot at the bad guy when there was no clear shot and she almost killed him. The same for giving up Rodriguez for "exceeding his mandate" in China, and getting "six agents" for him. 5 months tortured, left for dead. He's pissed off at M during this movie--like when he calls her a bitch and confronts her about ordering the shot. And Rodriguez uses that to his advantage. He tried to literally and figuratively seduce Bond to join him. He becomes more of a white-knight after that because of it. It pushes Bond back to where he needs to be and I think it will be a growth in his character.

As for Skyfall itself, I wish Sean had played the old guy at Skyfall. It would've been perfect for the 50th Anniversary.

It was well-done and I was engaged the entire time. What a wonderful movie. It was great and I got a wonderful poster out of it!
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