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The death of Spock only affected a few issues of DC Comics' first post-ST II series. And post-ST III he was back!
Actually that's not true, since post-STIII, Paramount required DC to shunt Spock off to the sidelines, since they weren't sure yet what his status would be in the fourth film. So of the 27 issues that are set between III & IV, Spock is only a significant player in the initial 8-issue arc and then in 6 subsequent issues. It wasn't until after ST IV that Spock was a regular again. So the death of Spock technically affected at least 3/5 of the series's regular issues.

There were plenty of flashback issues to the TOS era in both of DC's runs.
Not quite. Volume 1 had only three stories set in the 5-year mission (one of which had a movie-era frame), plus one issue that brought the 5YM-era cast forward in time to the movie era. Vol. 2 had only one 5YM-era issue in the first 70 percent of its run, but more than half of its remaining issues -- including the whole final 10% of the run -- were mostly or entirely in the 5YM and pilot eras.
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