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And just because an action that is illegal might save more lives than one which is legal, doesn't make it right.
It does make it right. That scenario makes the illegal act the correct one, and the legal act the incorrect one.
By that logic, a nation that seeks to ensure that none of their citizens will ever die as a result of foreign aggression by committing genocide against all foreign nation is doing the "correct" thing.

Laws exist to serve the needs of the society,
No, more. They exist to create society. A society without laws is like a house without a roof.

Society should not be expected to experience damage, because of laws.
It should if it is a society dedicated to a higher ideal than mere survival.

However, if upholding the law takes priority over saving the greater number of lives, preventing destruction of even more property, and possibly ending freedom in general, then by all means place legalities first.
Except that by defying the concept of rule of law, Section 31 is by definition a threat to freedom, to saving lives, and to preventing destruction. These things cannot exist without the rule of law; Section 31 places itself above the rule of law and therefore threatens them.

Also, side note:

There is no evidence whatsoever that any Section 31 operations have ever enhanced Federation (or, before the UFP, United Earth) security. By contrast, the two largest Section 31 operations canonically established (the Founder virus and the abduction of Phlox to aid in formulating a cure to the Klingon Augment virus) demonstrably eroded U.E. and UFP security (the former, by prompting the Female Shapeshifter to order a Phyrric victory for the Allies at the Battle of Cardassia and the extermination of the Cardassian species; the latter, by almost leading to the destruction of Enterprise NX-01 and Columbia NX-02 by Klingon treachery).
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