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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

in a society like the federation, however, there is no incentive to take part in any kind of shared society (not unless the federation withholds technology) the cleaner/waiter gains nothing from working individually or collectively that he wouldn't still gain by not working - so while you're hoovering the ship (cos you believe in the mutual benefit of such an agreement)....i would be using transporter technology to explore the world, replicating lobster and learning French cos i have the time and freedom to do so, safe in the knowledge that i do not have to do any hoovering whatsoever

The task of the workers councils will thus be not the self-management of the existing world, but its unceasing qualitative transformation: the concrete supersession of the commodity...
This supersession naturally implies the abolition of work and its replacement by a new type of free activity, thereby eliminating one of the fundamental splits of modern society: that between an increasingly reified labor and a passively consumed leisure...Far from being 'utopian,' the abolition of work is the first condition for the effective supersession of commodity society, for the elimination within each person's life of the separation between 'free time' and 'work time'...Only when this opposition is overcome will people be able to make their vital activity subject to their will and consciousness and see themselves in a world that they themselves have created." -- On the poverty of student life.

The abolition of work also means the abolition of free time as a distinctly separate concept. The sublation of the two. Okay, if people don't need to work then they won't. I agree with you. But if there are still a few menial or even undesirable tasks who will do them in the moneyless Star Trek federation? How would that be resolved in an equitable way short of automation? Or is automation the only solution?
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