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Re: MLP:FiM S3E12 - "Magical Mystery Cure" Grading & Discussion

Whole thing was great. Yes, rushed, but the individual character and story beats were there. There was absolutely no time for padding in this episode but there was little time for fleshing it out either; I wonder if this was planned for a two-parter but wasn't working out as one?

As this would arguably have been the series final had the show not been extended for a fourth season (cartoons are often contracted for up to 65 episodes so they can be "stripped" five days a week for 13 weeks or one quarter of a year, which is how advertising is often sold), I would've been happy if it had ended here. Everything from this point on is pure gravy, so I hope that the producers will feel less pressure from Hasbro and really craft some good episodes next year.

Thing is, as we've seen with Transformers movies they NEED to sell toys to keep moving. So going forward I fully expect to see some new characters added (at the expense of the Mane Six) but hopefully they will expand the world while respecting what's come before, versus just abandoning the old cast and dynamic. We've seen this done well and poorly in other cartoons; this finale practically sets up some main cast changes coming next year.

So yes, I loved it; and I hope that the harbinger of sweeping change I expect to happen will be mitigated by the awesome creative team behind the show. We've got so much more Pony to love coming!

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