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Re: Wii U has record breaking sales for January

And yet... their overall numbers for the 3 months since launch are in line with the Xbox 360 and PS3 at launch in the United States. See the second graph here.

It's all about the games. There is a serious lack of quality games for the Wii U at the moment and Nintendo knows it (and not helped by Ubisoft's knife to the back last week ). But they can't just conjure up a quality game in a month. Yes, they should have had the line up in place before the console launched, but they were constrained by the holiday period on one side and upcoming competitor consoles on the other side.

The 3DS went through the same thing. It came out, the price was a bit high, very little in the way of good games. Nintendo dropped the price, good games started coming out, sales take off.

Plus, you know, the economy still kinda sucks. I'm sure that has a bit of an effect.

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Hell it's been out for months and I still don't get the point of the system.
Pfft. The 360 and PS3 have been out for years and I don't get the point of those systems! Its a console, what's not to get?
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