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Re: MLP:FiM S3E12 - "Magical Mystery Cure" Grading & Discussion

First impressions:

I didn't like it very much.

Sure, the songs were good, the animation was good (I really did enjoy that), it was like a MLP musical, entertaining to watch, but everything else... no.

For one (due to cramming in lots of songs) the episode just felt rushed, it felt like they smashed the plots from two different stories together and didn't give either one a chance to develop. Alicorn Twi... not impressed... the idea itself aside I feel like there were better ways of doing it... And I just don't know how will they keep the show the same like it used to be from now on. I iz puzzled.

This would be an okay (not great, not bad, maybe even quite good) episode to end the show...but not this.

I found it hilarious how the production team was trying to reassure everyone everything is gonna be just fine with that song: "Everything is just fine" or something like that.

At least there was tons of Derpy. I mean, there were good parts sure: Princess-space/Pinkamena/animals cooking Rainbow etc etc...but as a whole....
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