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Re: Saddest movie?

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The recent version of Les Miserables is the saddest movie I can recall. It took no little resolve to maintain a vestige of stoicism in the face of its near-relentless emotional wallop.
Yeah. I've never much understood or cared for "I Dreamed a Dream" before but Anne Hathaway sang the whole damn song as if it really meant something! I'll be a mighty bit peeved if she doesn't win Best Supporting Actress this year.

I'm not quite sure how to classify "sad" for me. The only 2 movies that ever made me cry were Frequency and Toy Story 3. The most depressing movie I ever saw was Donnie Darko. The Dustin Hoffman version of Death of a Salesman is pretty darn sad too.

Honorable mention for A.I. I never saw it but just hearing my dad summarize the plot for me made me damn near suicidal. (When I get that low, the only remedy is an immediate injection of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. It's impossible for me to be anything but bubbly while watching that movie.)
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