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Re: MLP:FiM S3E12 - "Magical Mystery Cure" Grading & Discussion

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
For some light pre-episode reading, let's have the wikipedia article on Magical Mystery Tour, the 1960s Beatles' film that leant this a title. What intriguing hints may we find inside?

During the course of the tour, "strange things begin to happen" at the whim of "four or five magicians", four of whom are played by the Beatles themselves and the fifth by long-time road manager Mal Evans.
The film is punctuated by musical interludes, which include the Beatles performing "I Am the Walrus" wearing animal masks, George Harrison singing "Blue Jay Way" while waiting on Blue Jay Way Road and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band performing Vivian Stanshall and Neil Innes's "Death Cab For Cutie" sung by Stanshall.
Hmm. Magicians mixing it up for ordinary citizens? Lots of singing and dancing? Eeeeeeeeneresting. *steeples fingers*

Haha. Despite the title it would never have occurred to me to think of the movie as a possible source of inspiration for a MLP episode. Now that you mentioned it, I kinda want to see a pony adaptation.
I don't know if you have seen the movie but it's quite surreal and lacks a coherent storyline. Basically, the plot is that some people go on a bus trip and do or encounter some very weird things on the way while inbetween the Beatles perform some awesome songs without any real connection to what is happening in the movie. Also, you can see Paul's penis (possibly in HD nowadays since it's out on Blu-Ray). I suppose it's better the episode didn't mirror the movie.

Chemahkuu wrote: View Post

Now about the episode: I agree that things were rushed. I, too, would have preferred the cutie mark chaos to go on a bit longer or at least prove a bit more difficult to solve. The way it was shown it came off as a bit too effortless to result in Twilight being rewarded with being a princess. Then again, it was a bit unclear what she was rewarded for exactly. It probably wasn't for the resolution of the problem itself or even the completion of the spell (since Star Swirl the Bearded wrote plenty of spells apparently without being turned into a princess) but for bringing the element of friendship into magic. Maybe no one had done this before. Well, that's my take on it, anyway, for the time being.
I liked about the episode that finally the cutie mark fascism was addressed in some way - though not quite as radical as I would have done it. This is a society where your lot in life is assigned to you in some way at a very early stage in your life and then you're supposed to stick with that for the rest of your life and be happy with it. And it's even clearly visible to anyone else. If you think about it that's a bit disturbing, isn't it? I know it wasn't intended that way but still, ever since the introduction of the CMC this has bugged me. People should be free to choose their own destiny, regardless of what their cutie mark says. This shone through a bit in the episode although instead of just accepting that their cutie marks are wrong and living with it, they just got their old ones back. (Yes, I realise that was important for the plot of the episode.)
I loved how Rarity made all those great weather patterns (and getting no love for it from those philistines in Ponyville ). Rainbow Dash's struggles were a riot, too. I also appreciated the return of Pinkamena. The scene in that cosmic princess-space with Celestia was great, too. I loved Dashie's reaction to Twilight turning into an alicorn and Rarity's comment about it.
All things considered, there was too much singing for my taste. I must admit, though, that I ultimately liked the pompous coronation.

This opens up a lot of additional story potential. So I'm curious how this will play out in the next season.
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