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Re: Star Trek Toys of the 1970s

I remember seeing this in a public television kids show

Now You remember the disk firing Dinky TOS. Well, I distinctly remember an ad for a TMP version with the linear naceles. Not the small Dinky miniature of around 1/2500 mind you--a refit Disk firing version.

I saw this art one time--I think at the Huntsville space center around 1980.

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Outside of putting the clips on my communicator and fixing my Enterprise model after I sat on it, my parents left me to my own devices.

They were supportive of my love of Star Trek because they shared it. I got the whole family into it and it was a show we all watched together for a long time. So, as long as we had the money, or for Christmas/birthdays, getting Star Trek toys was no hassle. I do remember my dad putting together my first model Space:1999 Eagle. It took him days because he wanted to get it right. He did a great job on it.
Those were good days.
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