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Re: Rugby Union 2013 Thread

Cool, rugby's back. In mid-February.

It's a big and important year for rugby in Australia, with the Lions tour and a new boss who seems enthusiastic about and determined to get the sport back on track. One hopes childish interstate parochialism will be put, who am I kidding, hell will freeze over before some officials in this country grow up and think nationally rather than about what goes on in their back yard.

Even with the assorted changes in Tahland - most notably, a coach who from all accounts doesn't take crap from anyone - I'm not going to approach this season with any high hopes. I do hope, though, that we play a hell of a lot better than last year (a modest enough goal, given how crap we were) - for the sake of rugby in this country NSW needs to get its act together.

I still detest the Brumbies but I'm stoked to see Clyde Rathbone back. He's had a very rough time of it in the past three or four years and I hope for his sake that he's well and stays well.
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