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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

There are a few things that only F2Pers can use but the relative cost of which exceeds the credit cap. It's a ridiculous paradox EA created because they didn't think ahead.
Thing of it is though, if a sub finds themselves in possession of one of those unlocks, the only way to see any return on it is to sell it for a price F2Ps can afford. Otherwise it'll just sit in their cargo hold being useless. I suppose a sub might buy a few of these up if they intend to let their subscription lapse so they'll be able to regain most of the features they're used to when their account goes over to preferred status, but I can't see that happening often enough to be worth the bother of re-listing the same items day in, day out.

But hey, if you're game I have a character on Harbinger who's sole function is to generate credits to buy unlocks. Should have around 200-300K this weekend.

I made the suggestion with the implication some people would have to re-roll (myself included). I figure it would just be for fun and pressure-free so people could just play those characters whenever.

It would at leave give F2Pers some extra character slots and give everyone who wanted a group to do some light raiding with--like a few SM Ops a month or something. We could even plan ahead and choose roles, so people could decide what they want their character to be.
Oh hey, I'm game, I was just saying I wouldn't be much help for higher level stuff outside of my main stomping grounds.

Perhaps we should all sound off with our preferred serves and congregate where the most people are already set up?

So I'll start: On Red Eclipse I have a Lvl19 DPS/healer Merc, Lvl20 DPS/healer Sage, lvl25 Guardian, lvl27-ish Maurauder, Operative & Gunslinger, lvl30-ish DPS/healer Commando and a lvl50 Tank/Assassin.

Like I said, I do also have a Lvl20 Operative on Harbinger, along with a Lvl 10 or so Sentinel.
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