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Re: House of Cards (Netflix)

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I love Falling Skies, season 2 was so much better than the first.

Interesting article on ratings....
"I honestly have no motivation to do it," Sarandos said of releasing numbers. "I don't sell ads, so ratings don't matter in that way."
Oooh baloney, they do care about two types of ratings: how many new subscribers come in thru the HoC ads (and stick around after the free trial) and whether HoC has impacted the rate of existing subscriber churn. Why spend a dime on a show that doesn't influence either number? They just have no motive to make either of those measurements public, except...

There is a motivation to release ratings, namely for the PR value. And they have a golden opportunity here to set the expectations for the whole category by spinning those numbers deftly. They've already set an expectation that "binge viewing is good" but now they should be figuring out what the baseline for success is in a streaming series, and then declaring that HoC is a success according to that metric.

Of course if they think they can set a higher baseline with a different series (maybe that Eli Roth horror series?) they'd be smart to hold off for now and set the baseline higher, so that it's harder for competitors to meet it. Right now they're still in learning mode. It's possible that a political thriller and a horror series are vastly different in their appeal on streaming, and what about a revival of a cult series like Arrested Development?

Netflix has shown a lack of sophistication in PR before, with the whole Quiwkster debacle. The tension here is between Netflix setting the wrong baseline by jumping too soon, vs waiting too long and letting Amazon beat them to the punch.

EDIT: Oh wait, we will get the April...when Netflix releases its financials for the quarter. THEN we shall see! And no doubt we'll get some indication of coming attractions before then, as Netflix sets expectations. The fact that Reed Hastings isn't spinning wildly now is a good sign that Wall Street will not be terribly unhappy with the results.

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