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Re: So I started with this show...

^ Yes, nostalgia plays a big factor, I think, with all of us. When we watch a show today that we grew up with (and liked!), I think the experience ties into more than just that episode.... we reconnect on a subconscious level with other elements and feelings about that part of our life. That is why a grilled cheeses sandwich and a bowl of soup (I know this is cliche) tastes so much better to me than it probably should.

I enjoy a ST:TOS episode, even when it is kind of corny because is resonates with good stuff from my past, yet I can see why it may not do the same for you. Similarly, I started watching Dr. Who with reruns of Tom Baker when I was younger. While I am fond of that character (and appreciate pretty much all the incarnations of the Doctor), I can see where someone who was introduced to Doctor Who in the new era might find the pacing and special effects of older series as engaging as with 9, 10 & 11.
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