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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Just came back to TOR after just over 2 months (I think I stopped just as it went F2P) without touching it and have a bunch of cartel coins. What's worth spending it on if you're a sub?
I'm pretty much in the same boat. There just isn't a lot to buy for subs. I bought the ship parts for one character and it's seemed kind of wasteful. I'm not too big on vanity stuff especially when there's so much of it in the game already. Besides, most of the shells on the cartel market are just palette-swaps of stuff you can find in-game, anyway.

Most of what I spent mine on were legacy stuff to save credits like XP boosts for new characters and race unlocks. And I still have about 2500 left that I have no idea what to spend on.

If you haven't bought them yet, I'd grab the rocket boots (legacy wide) and the field respec for a few characters. Both are extremely useful and are a bit costly if you buy them with creds. The field respec is great since subs get free skill resets now. It's basically a pseudo multi-role spec option. The only pain is you have to move your quick bar around each time you do it.

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That would be fun, but I don't think all of us are on Jedi Covenant.
Yeah, unfortunately all of my characters are on Red Eclipse and even those are mostly below Lvl30. I only just this week got my Sith Assassin up to lvl50.
I made the suggestion with the implication some people would have to re-roll (myself included). I figure it would just be for fun and pressure-free so people could just play those characters whenever.

It would at leave give F2Pers some extra character slots and give everyone who wanted a group to do some light raiding with--like a few SM Ops a month or something. We could even plan ahead and choose roles, so people could decide what they want their character to be.

ncidentally, is it just me, or is the Ilum "event" just a mindless grindfest? There's no story quest that I can see and the rewards aren't terribly enticing.
It's definitely weaker than past events. But it's primary purpose is PvP, or rather, to re-ignite dead Illum PvP. It's a blast on PvP servers.

They added an unnecessary PvE element to appease those players and obviously didn't spend a lot of time planning it.

Seriously now, I've been waiting for ages for one to be put on GTN for something below the credit cap and no dice. You'd think people would twig that if you want to sell unlocks that only non-subs can use, it might be an idea to not charge an amount greater than non-subs are physically capable of posessing? I'm starting to suspect they know full well and are just trolling.
The problem is the exchange rate for CC to credits is pretty standard across servers.

There are a few things that only F2Pers can use but the relative cost of which exceeds the credit cap. It's a ridiculous paradox EA created because they didn't think ahead.

The problem is, if people start under-cutting the exchange rate for F2Per's sake, the value of the more expensive stuff (that subs do buy) will plummet causing a huge devalue of credits. People will start buying stuff up like crazy only to ultimately result in massive inflation. Then the price of those unlocks would be more expensive then they were to begin with. It's a messy slippery slope that most F2P MMOs inevitably slide strait down.

I do think they should raise the credit cap a little--just enough so F2Pers can buy that stuff. In the long run, I think it would only result in more CC sales.

As noted above, most of us subs have excess laying around. I'd be more than happy to supply the demand to make some extra skin on the side. A couple of those things would pay my re-spec costs for a month.
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