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Re: My view on a new Trek series.

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I actually do remember someone saying something almost exactly like that at a Trek convention about TNG even before the series was cast. He didn't think an all-new Star Trek TV series could ever work.
There's just a world of difference in where Trek was at in 1987 and where it's at in 2013.
Not really. Trek was essentially a movie franchise in 1986--it's essentially a movie franchise in 2013.
It's not that it 'can't' work, it just has a tougher road to success than TNG. IMO.
Not all all. TNG had a number of big hurdles to overcome to get on the air, including some reluctance by the "big three" networks (which forced it to go the first-run syndication route, which in itself wasn't easy because Paramount had to make all sorts of deals to get enough local TV stations to buy the show).

In hindsight, it all worked out, but there was a considerable degree of nail-biting about whether TNG would work. It was by no means guaranteed to be a hit from the get-go.
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