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Re: VOY Caption Contest 103; A Hard Time


Kim: I don't think it's working, Doc!
EMH: Trust me, this alternative treatment for constipation is fully endorsed by the Ferengi Laxative Council.
Kim: Who??

Neelix: I will hug him and squeeze him and call him "George."
Chakotay: Easy, Neelix, you don't want to frighten it.

Tuvok: Now that I'm in charge, there will be some new promotions. Now who wants to be in charge of my Vulcan neuropressure therapy? Kes?

Neelix: Well, I -

Tuvok: I will space you, Mister T's chihuahua.

Janeway: Check his underwear, Doctor. I'm making my official diplomatic report.

One of these days, the Captain will need to make assless chaps from an animal hide. And then I will just laugh and hand her some colored sand!

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