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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

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I really dislike the way they make the shuttlecraft and and the hangar deck look in TOS-R. It all looks clunky and dark, more like a video game.
I agree. The darker lighting scheme looks like OpenGL lighting in a game. Perhaps the artists were attempting to force some scale and perspective into the scene with pools of light—a common gimmick. However, bright lighting can work, too. Many of the brighter, almost "over-exposed" shots in WALL*E looked "more realistic" than darker shots because they brought out all the grungy textures.

The shuttle bay in TOS had a diffuse light covering most of the ceiling. One would also expect a landing bay to be brightly lit, no matter what sort of computer and/or tractor beam aids are in use.

Also like WALL*E, perhaps the shuttle bay should look a bit traveled and grungy—not worn, but the pristine look automatically shouts "computer generated!"

Perhaps the bay would have bright, "afternoon" lighting during a landing and red lighting during a launch. I'm not suggesting red lighting for night vision, since the shuttlecraft cockpit is lighted, and it's doubtful the shuttles are flown by sight anyway. When Decker steals a shuttle in "The Doomsday Machine" he apparently took off "blind" and did not open one of the window shutters until approaching the planet killer.

Just the same, many things in STAR TREK were done for audiences, whether or not "realistic" (e.g. the "swish" of the ship passing, or people being thrown out of their seats by a near-miss in battle). If they wanted the bay darkened during a launch, perhaps some spill light from the viewing galleries would have added some dimension. Anything. But that dark, almost shadowless light looks too much like a videogame.
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