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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

13. Le Mepris (D)

Or Contempt, in the English translation. This is the first work by Jean-Luc Godard I've seen. It's excruciatingly boring.

14. On the Road (B)

A valiant effort to adapt Jack Kerouac's epochal novel, which has been in develop almost since publication, and it's probably as good an adaptation as anyone could make of it. Frankly, Kerouac's novel is much more a state of mind than a story, and while one can absolutely appreciate the impact it would have had when it came out, I don't think it holds up very well as literature. The film does what it can with the exceptionally episodic structure (an amazing cast of actors filter through the story in minor roles, including Terrence Howard, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss, Viggo Mortensen, Kirsten Dunst, and Amy Adams). Sam Riley is fine as the lead, while Garrett Hedlund as the livewire role as Dean Moriarty, the young Mephistopheles of the counterculture, and does a good job of making you believe in the effect the character has on people (as well as making him sympathetic despite being, really, an asshole). Kristen Stewart, whose casting got the movie made, has had her character's part expanded somewhat, but she does fine with it. She may not have tremendous range as an actress, but she does have talent in the right part.

Cinema: 4 (+1)
Home Video: 9 (+1)
Computer: 1
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