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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

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I'm on Claire's side in this one, who has always struck me as someone who tries to do good, even if that means making deals with the devil.
What's interesting is that technically, Frank is also trying to do good. Everything he does, he says he's doing it for "power", but his means of getting power invariably result in "good".

1) He forces Kern to remove himself from the SecState nomination because of his own comments regarding Israel. Sure, the whole thing was fabricated behind the scenes, but nobody made Kern say the things he did on live TV. Clearly, Kern would not have been a good Secretary of State. Frank then pushes his own candidate forward, Durant, who is a much better Secretary.

2) He sets up the Congressman going for Education (can't remember his name) for failure by leaking his draft. But the draft is terrible and doesn't make the right change. Then Frank drafts a super-team of interns to write a better one. Then he does whatever it takes to get it passed.

3) As mentioned previously, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. Russo imploded all on his own. Sure, Frank kills him, but Russo is the one who said yes to the booze and hooker. He would have been a terrible governor if that's all it takes. Meanwhile, the VP really wants the job back and he is probably exactly what the people would have really wanted.

4) When dealing with the giant peach, Frank gets them to turn off the lights and save over $50k/yr, and then takes that money and sets up a college scholarship. He also helps bring closure to the parents. Sure, it was self-serving, but no doubt he made lives better. And it sure as shit was that girl's fault for texting and driving, you can't blame an ass-peach for that.
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