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if you seriousely consider getting a dog, please do keep in mind that it is a living being and as big a responsibility as a child. It's not a device you buy, install and then take for granted. It is a living, feeling person who's life quite literally depends on you. Someone who requires daily social contact, several hours of open air activities (and just letting it out in the garden is not enough), good quality food (no human food leftovers!), medical care etc. And when it's old you have to deal with illnesses and high vet bills and have to make the dog's life as pleasant as possible and not get it killed because it's no longer useful for you.

Also, you can not lock up a dog in the house for more than 5 hours at maximum before it needs a potty break (the results of which you have to collect and dispose of). That means: no fulltime job or no single household. If only one applies in your case, forget about the dog.

Think very carefully if you are really ready to accept this responsibility and are willing to live with the consequences.
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