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But it wouldn't be until the next film that the change really sticks.
Even so. We got six TOS movies with the same core seven cast members, even when it would've been more logical for them to move on to different ships or careers. We even got one of them back from the dead. The original idea with TWOK was to introduce a new, younger cast (starting with Saavik and David) who'd gradually take over from the TOS cast, but instead the new characters got written out and we kept getting the same seven over and over. It wasn't until the last movie in the series that anyone moved on. Same with TNG -- every movie maintained the same status quo, with Worf always coming back; and the one major change they attempted, Data's emotion chip, was progressively deconstructed with each film. Again, it wasn't until the last film that any permanent change was allowed.

Trek movie audiences want and demand a stable status quo. They want the same familiar characters in every movie, and that pressure for familiarity has been a stranglehold on Trek movies for three decades. No real, lasting change in the core cast has ever been allowed while any Trek movie series has been ongoing. I see no reason to believe that's going to change now.
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