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Re: SeaQuest DSV Teaser

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Hey, I liked the ghost show!

I liked SeaQuest. I loved Roy Scheider. But I loved Stephanie Beacham too, so I was when they dumped her.

Season 1 is my favorite. Remember Bob Ballard doing those little bits for the closing credits? Season 2, I think I liked two episodes. Season 3 was a big head-snap, but hey, Michael Ironside, cool.
Agreed. I'm a Season One fan, loved the Robert Ballard closing comments. I didn't like Season Two or Three, and wish they would have stayed with the more scientific format of the first season.
I've never understood why people liked season 1 so much. I thought it was only ok when it first aired, but it was actually quite boring and unforgiveably repetitive. (really how many stories can you do about scientists that went into hiding).

The sci-fact direction of season 1 was VERY limiting. Simply put, for an adventure/drama show...the real world ocean just is not that interesting. The most memorable episodes from season one were either the pure scifi eps or the political eps. Unfortunately NBC decided to push for more scifi episodes and thus it became Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

The most intersting aspect of seaQuest, right from the pilot, was the unique politics of the 21st century created for the show. In fact the very first sequence in the pilot was about depicting how unstable the political situation was in the world of 2017. That was what the show should have focused on...and ultimately what they did focus on in 2032. That's why season 3 always struck me as the superior season. Having the seaQuest and a weakened UEO struggling to keep the world from collapsing into all out war IS a workable premise for an adventure/dramatic TV series. Its the reason that season 3 felt like a tighter better run show...they actually had a direction.
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