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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Professor Zoom;7683025If DC goes with the Justice League first, it will be written as an introduction to the characters, with a new audience in mind, not [B wrote:
one with 50 years of comic history stuck in their head[/B].
Well, there's a slight exception, since Silver and even Golden Age easter eggs/references were "here and there" in the Marvel movies. For example, we were treated to the original Human Torch in CA, and in IM, we heard the theme music to the 1966 Marvel Super Heroes' cartoon version of Iron Man (in a lounge arrangement). That's stuff only audiences older than 35 would even begin to understand and/or remember, as the last time both were more of a pop culture memory was decades ago (when Marvel Super Heroes' was routinely syndicated, and the Torch was a lead in The Invaders comic).

Producers only stick that stuff in there because they know older comic fans are the only members of the audience who would get it, but its no harm if said references go over the heads of fans who were weaned on Marvel of the 1990s - present.
Well, yeah. But my point still stands. The movies aren't written for fans of the comics. The movies are written with a general audience in mind.
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