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Something that's bothered me in the past few years is that it seems people younger than me are much less computer literate than I was at their age. Whereas computers were new and novel to me as a kid, meaning it took some effort to learn how to use them well, it seems like their ubiquity and ease of use has led the next generation to take them for granted and not really understand how to use them beyond some very, very basic use cases.
Ive seen the reverse, most kids can do things with phones, computers, laptops, and of course games that are light years beyond my generation. They know how to hack, mod, root, and they basically know how everything works if not moreso.

I will say this, girls do seem to still generally lag behind boys in technical stepdaughter is quite good at figuring out software and how to work webpages, but she knows nothing about how Windows works, and what the specs or hardware in her laptop do. Perspective is lacking generally among many her age...though I am told that was common in my generation too(everyone thinks their generation is the first to do anything...mainly that is because of exponential growth where people now see the changes happening more rapidly and can't imagine what came before). For a college project she was explaining how personal computers had been around for about 15 years...about as long as she's been using them. I said she needed to do some research. lol

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