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Re: How 'bout this?

Well we've all got ideas and but lets see the evidence I've read articles on Star Trek into darkness trying to stay away from spoilers but here goes,

1. Wellers character has not yet been Revealed ??? Why I've read that he's playing carol Marcus Father so is he bad or good and why shield his character from fans who want and need to know. He did say in a interview that he had his own ship and I've read he's got a rank of Admrial

2. The countdown comic has revealed that a former captain of the enterprise is involved in some way captain Robert April.

3. In another interview from they went for a preview on the 1st trailer and one of the reporters was told that BC Character Harrison was Using Robert Aprils weapon in the Klingon Homeworld scenes ??

In Conclusion I think that there's more to wellers character that meets the trailers so perhaps putting the spotlight on BC character is and might be a red herring just to put us off the real villain in the new movie !!!
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