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VOY Caption Contest 103; A Hard Time

The weekend begins here, and after being distracted by that Russian meteor and some fan fic writing, I finally got my lazy ass into gear to start the next contest even if it is a day late.

With that said here are the winners...

Ayelbourne wrote: View Post

Janeway: "Made in China"? Well, that explains a lot.
Triskelion wrote: View Post

EMH: Captain, as your father confessor, I really must protest your choice of recreational proclivities.

Janeway: Sorry Doctor, it was dark and the hayloft was crowded. I'll try to work you in tonight.

EMH: I'm a hologram too, s'all I'm saying.
The Laughing Vulcan wrote: View Post

Chakotay: "Blah blah blah... spirit guide... blah blah blah Akoochimoya... blah blah blah ancestors..."

Tuvok thinking: "Vulcan telepathy is a scientifically quantifiable process. You think that gives us a point of familiarity? You think I enjoy wasting time that could be spent on security drills, listening to your superstitions. Next you'll be telling me about that human two and half thousand years ago that walked on water. Bunch of primitives."
JanewayRulz! wrote: View Post

JANEWAY: I can't believe everything we have to go through just to blow off a little "steam".
CHAKOTAY: Loved your idea of a incurable disease. How long do you think it will take them to find a cure for it?
JANEWAY: Oh... I'm guessing anywhere from 6-12 weeks, sooner if B'Elanna thinks to look in my personal logs and finds the antidote.
LeadHead wrote: View Post

Janeway: Hmmm... maybe it was overkill to just abandon him on that planet when we broke up. Oh, well. Warp Factor 8, Mister Paris.
And now the special award.

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

CHAKOTAY: You know Catherine, when you think about it, we're really the perfect match.
JANEWAY: I agree. One dominating woman, and one total pushover.
Chakotay: ...I'll take it.
The photoshop award goes to:

TommyR01D wrote: View Post

Doctor: I take it you plan to simply sweep all of this under the rug.

Janeway: So long as nobody got hurt.

Distant Redshirt:!

Janeway: (Louder) Just walk away calmly...

Redshirt: Arrrgh!!

Janway: (Louder still)...and pretend this never happened.



This contest's theme is about 'a hard time', mental, physical, spiritual whatever... The pictures up for captioning this week are:

The next caption contest will start on the 22nd of February.

Have fun!
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