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Re: Netflix Presents: House of Cards (US) *SPOILERS*

Yeah, I was surprised by Russo's death at the hands of Frank. I can see why he did it, but I'm starting to think Frank took a bigger step than he planned, and Peter's death is haunting him to some degree. Still, when Pete was sitting there being tempted, I kept hoping he wouldn't take the bait, but sure enough he did. I knew it was all downhill from there. Now I'm curious as to what Stamper is going to do to keep this all under wraps.

I'm actually interested in Claire's story, too. Her office manager has essentially extorted her to gain a platform to rail against the very people she's working for (and lying about), and I'm on Claire's side in this one, who has always struck me as someone who tries to do good, even if that means making deals with the devil. The office manager is totally out of line, and I won't lie, I want it to bite her in the ass.
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