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Rugby Union 2013 Thread

There is only 3 or 4 rugby fans here so instead of having separate threads for the comps and internationals it makes sense to just have a one super thread to cover it all.

The RC started this weekend for four of the Australian teams due to the Lions tour. We had the Force vs Rebels on Friday with a close win to the Rebels, but the one I'm interested in was the Brumbies vs Reds tonight. Glad to say the Brumbies won 24 - 6. Only two tries, both to the Brumbies, one right near the start and one at the death, the last one an intercept of a Cooper pass. A bit scrappy in places, but it's good to see the team I support come away with a win...especially against the Reds (the only win I'd value more is against the Crusaders due to the competitiveness between the two sides in the Brumbies glory years).

Edit: Oh, and Rathbone made his return. He played around 65 minutes and was not bad for a guy who has been out for a couple of years.
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