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Re: Episode of the week: 2x03 "Elementary, Dear Data

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Right from the off, she's had a storyline that's clearly intended to have her be mistrustful and dismissive of Data before growing to like him. And this is effectively the big change in their relationship. She sets him a mocking challenge and he meets it with near instant success.
No he doesn’t. He actually concedes defeat. Picard has to get involved to resolve the situation.
I actually like inflatabledalek's interpretation of this. It had never occured to me. Data does solve the "independant program" and then thinks he can defeat Moriarty by pretending to admit defeat himself. And as correctly pointed out, Pulaski seems to afford Data alot more respect after this episode.

It would appear that by re-writing the end to make Picard seem undeceitful, Gene did more damage to the interpretation of this episode than expected.
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