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Re: KRE-O toys revealed, including new Klingon bird of prey!

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I think the only way Galoob name would come back is if Hasbro did a series of 2-inch Titanium diecast Star Trek ships like they did for both Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica.
Personally I'd prefer Action Fleet vehicles but I'd really like Johnny Lightning Star Trek ships to make a comeback. Those were nice.
I forgot about the Action Fleet vehicles, even though I've got quite a few of them in a big box in my closet. Those were awesome. Ditto for the Johnny Lightning ships.
Either way I couldn't manage to find the new Enterprise that Mattel allegedly produced. I ended up settling for the Hallmark ornament, which is actually pretty cool.
Most people had to find the Hot Wheels nuEnterprise from online stores. They were released fairly late, after most retail outlets had stopped ordering more ships for their shelves, IIRC.
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I'm curious to know if KREO's are all hasbro has planned for the new movie, it would not surprise me, given as how the playmates action figure and playset line bombed, (I remember reading about all the stuff they had planned, but never released, a shuttle for the figures, a narada drilling platform playset, a star trek "cop" roleplay helmet) I would have loved to see some of that stuff, but I have to admit, playmates really borked the line by releasing a shoddy, incomplete bridge set. I got what they were trying to do, it just wasn"t a good idea. and vinyl mats are not acceptable as floors. Hopefully Hasbro releases a small line of figures, with the COMPLETE crew.
I think Kre-O is all we're getting from Hasbro for Star Trek XII. With the movie's release now only months away, anything else would have been revealed at the recent Toy Fair, IMO.

I pretty much agree with you, Hasbro is playing it safe given how poorly the playmates line did. I'll still be buying the majority of the kreo's though. Along with several of the hot wheels ships and the kelvin ornament.
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