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Re: Does It Get Better???

Workforce Parts 1 and 2: Very solid 2 part episode. The continuity has been stunning this season, and this episode was no exception. Tom and Belanna's child and marriage once again played a major role in their scenes together, even though they didn't remember one another. There were references to Tom's time as a prisoner before Voyager, 7's nack for efficiency was put to good use by making her the efficiency officer, the Doctor was for the second time made a command officer, Neelix's ship again made for a good plot device getting Chakotay and Neelix to the planet........
There was nice romance with Janeway and her lover who I cannot remember the name of. I thought the plot involving the memory wiping doctor was interesting. There was plenty of excitement in this one, very little if anything to complain about.

Human Error: This was a very unusual episode, and I did not like the ending one bit. Is 7 just going back to business like usual? That would make her fantasy romance with Chakotay completely meaningless. I hope they follow up on this...
All that said, this was another good exploration of 7's character and her evolution. I'm hesitant to say anymore than that though until they actually do something with the events of this episode. A romance like this is too interesting not to follow up. The hot babe and the older native american guy? I'm on the edge of my seating waiting to see what happens next......

And nothing happens in the next one, of course. I'll keep waiting.


Q2: Well he improved at the end, but for the first half or more I couldn't stand the new Q. What an obnoxious character! He wasn't funny or the least bit likable. The saving grace of this episode is that it was entertaining, but not in a complex or intelligent way. I liked seeing the original Q again. John de Lancie always gives terrific performances, even if he's surrounded by pig schlock in a terrible story.
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