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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

13. Parker: B-
14. Bullet to the Head: B+
15. Judge Dredd(1995): C
16. The Mist: B+
17. A Good Day to Die Hard: B-

My initial thoughts are here, in the review thread.
I think it's a good action flick and worth the name Die Hard if for nothing else than the action sequences. It also continues the family angst and disfunction but by the end of this film things are looking up in that department.
The film suffers from it's choice of villain. This, imo, reflects in some of the shortened run time. With a villain this generic you don't need time to flesh them out, make them sympathetic or engaging. The only way to push that envelope I think would be to introduce possibly who the end user client would be of the uranium.

Your going to hear that the movie is shit. It's not. Some hate how the film is not longer about a claustrophobic environment but I assure you if it was still in a confined space by film 5 people would be complaining about that.

While I'm not fan of RT I'd suggest one look at the audience rating vs the critics though. The disparity speaks for itself imo.

Anytime you have 5 of something, one thing has to be last and this is the "worst" Die Hard film....story/plot wise. However even as the wort DH film it's still better than lots of drivel.
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