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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

Jeremy warned Catherine about the hunters curse just in time.

Jeremy may be dead, but the Hunters curse will mean that the actor has plenty of time left on the show.

I wonder if the Hunters Curse works like the Slayers legacy?

Buffy died, then a new slayer was tapped when Xander gave her CPR, back from the dead and now they're two Slayers... It's like her crew never saw Flatliners that they could have all become slayers without Willow haven't to magic out like that...

But if Jeremy flatlines, taps the curse, and then someone cprs him and other medical attention... Does that mean that he's souless if his soul if off haunting Silus(?) or that it's splintered?

Point being is that he can safely learn to die and come back, probably with drugs, that he puts himself in a position that he kills 99 percent of himself and some other bad guy kills the last 1 percent and then he comes back...

If he's haunting 80 bad guys, that means that he controls them to a point.

General Jeremy.
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