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Re: Phaser banks on the Constitution class

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That said, I'm not opposed or supportive of the way the "The Cage" phaser mount was executed. I just feel the mounting rules out the idea that the phaser would be a weapon. We have seen phaser drills elsewhere in Trek, in their more compact 24th century form, and they are fine and useful engineering tools. But heavy battlefield phasers aren't very useful if hobbled by a clumsy surface mount, and might predominantly exist in vehicle-mounted applications. (Not as add-ons to vehicles, but rather as vehicles themselves - an uncrewed cannon hovering a few meters above and ahead of Sarge, slaved to her remote control, sounds like the most reasonable application.)
I think on looking again at the device in "The Cage", it does look more like a drilling apparatus than a laser or phaser cannon. The mount does NOT seem to allow it much freedom to swivel and the device seems to be pretty long relative to the ball turret design we're use to seeing in diagram or TMP.

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