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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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As I'm reading Persistence of Memory, I can't help but note that I seem to be missing some of the background. When did Data find his mother and fall in love?!
Data met his "mother" in the TNG episode, "Inheritance."

Data became romantically involved with a female crew member in the TNG ep, "In Theory."
Note to self, I haven't seen every episode of TNG...apparently.

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^I think Smellincoffee is referring to Rhea McAdams, who was introduced in Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang. As Dave states in the acknowledgments, the entire Cold Equations trilogy is essentially a sequel to Immortal Coil.
I was indeed. Thank you both for the response. Now I have a paperback to investigate (after this trilogy, anyway) and an episode to watch...).

So far I'm enjoying it -- I rather like the Soongs. Arik Soong is one of the reasons I like Enterprise's 4th season so much.
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