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Bungie's Destiny

The official reveal of the new Bungie series Destiny is set for this Sunday, February 15.

While Bungie has, of course, been as tight-lipped as they often were in the past about Halo, there's been plenty of speculation about what little has been revealed so far. There have also been a few leaks already - an internal blog written by an Activision developer; a press packet featuring some story and world details, as well as some concept art (which prompted Bungie to release some concept art on their own); and just today, pre-order promotional materials.

We already know for certain that it's a first-person shooter; that it will feature some sort of significant online component; that it will be a series of at least four games to be published by Activision; and that this first game will be released at least initially on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

The games journalists I follow on Twitter who have already seen the game seem to be pretty excited about it, so I'm eagerly looking forward to the deluge of information this weekend.
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