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any guesses, why After the dominion plotline starts in earnest... bajors internal politics all but vanishes from DS9?

Ive noticed it happens almost suddenly... Id have liked seeing more factional infighting myself.
I'm not sure if the question is regarding the Final Chapter specifically, but here's my answer, just in case. My understanding is that the writers made a mistake with the timing of things when they started the Final Chapter arc.

They thought at first that Dukat & Kai Winn's story could run concurrent with the Cardassian Rebellion story. But then it became obvious that Damar's story was a lot more complicated (those darn Cardassians!) and had to take place over a longer time period than what was going on with Dukat and Winn.

It's why they made Dukat blind there for a while in order to stretch out his story's timing so it would coincide with the end of the war. It's still rather awkward, unfortunately.
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