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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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exactly. It's once again an example of having it both ways-the Federation had no right to get involved, it's not their planet!

But wait, it IS their planet when it comes to defending the Baku. Sorry, doesn't work-if you're going to argue non-interference, it goes both ways.

Also, I find it amazing the UFP would step in to rescue the Baku from a group with good motives for a grudge against them, but WOULDN'T step in to stop mass murder and slavery of the Bajorans.
Bajor wasn't in Federation space. The Ba'ku are. If they are under attack and ask for help, the Federation have jurisdiction, as well as a moral obligation to step in.

Bajor was annexed by the Cardassian Union and apparently it didn't matter enough to anyone else to stand up to the Cardies over it. You seem surprised the Federation would behave in any way like a political entity, and mind its own business in some cases while meddling in others.

so again, as I wrote, you're trying to have it both ways:

1. the Baku have every right to be there because it's their planet. Find, then they're a sovereign power, and Dougherty can tell the Son'a to do what they'd like.

2. It's in Federation space, but not only does that NOT mean that eminent domain applies, it actually OBLIGATES the UFP to help the Baku!

That's simply ridiculous-pick an argument. Either it's a Federation planet and they can remove the Baku, or the Baku are an independent power, and the Federation can tell them what to go do with themselves.
The Federation has jurisdiction over the planet by virtue of it being within their space. However, that doesn't mean they have the right to relocate the people living on it without their consent. That's not trying to have it both ways, it's the Federation having limits to its power.

Finally, I'm not surprised that the UFP would act inconsistently-I'm surprised that slavery and mass murder DON'T serve as a cause for intervention for them, but removal of a small village to benefit billions with a revolutionary medical advance DOES. It's not the inconsistency, it's the wild imbalance in the cause for intervention.
Had Bajor been in Federation space, they would not have let the Cardassians have it. For that matter, the Federation did fight a lengthy border war with the Cardassians pre-TNG, so who is to say the Federation didn't try to curb Cardassian war crimes?
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