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Re: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Extravaganza!

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I've got nothin'.

I have to say I'm impressed at how much some of us like other posters but don't say it until the appropriate moment. We might trade occasional jabs and frustrated eyerolls with other people in the forums, but when push comes to shove most of us have a mutual respect or even palpable like or adoration for one another.

It goes to show the trolls and haters only work to make this place stronger and more cohesive.
Here! Here!
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And I spent Valentine's at the gynecologist. I win.

I spent it at the reconstructive surgeon's, with three people examining the surgical wound on my behind. Tie?
I did actually have something really nice happen. After the gynecologist I went for a bunch of tests. The tech specialist doing my echocardiogram was a really sweet young man, about my age. He asked me if I wanted to see my heart, and turned the screen so I could have a good view. He said, "Wait, let me make it more appropriate for Valentine's Day," and changed the color of the monitor from green to blue and landed on glowing red. Then showed me the chambers, the path of the blood as it was suctioned and pumped, and the color-coded cells as they passed through. Then he outlined the shape of the heart on the monitor (and who knew, when you look at it on an echo, it actually is heart-shaped!), and drew an arrow through it.

I've had a lot of medical tests done in my life, and he's the third person to have done something like this -- to have displayed a real sense of humor and empathy, and made an attempt to give comfort, and it makes such a profound difference. I don't begrudge a tech who displays only blunt professionalism -- it must be easy to lose sight of patients as individuals when one is doing the same tests over and again, specializing in seeing them as images on the screen that may or may not show damage or disease. Every rational fiber in my body wholly supports science-based medicine, but it is also nice to still be treated as a whole person.

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