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Re: I hope for more traditional space battles

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And Kirk didn't stun him because...?
(A) Too chancy, especially with Klingons.
(B) It doesn't work well at long distance (that's why the Enterprise doesn't stun other star ships )
(C) Stunning Klingons just makes them angry.
(D) Its dishonourable. Klingons would prefer to be dead.
(E) Kirk: Stun? Shit, I didn't think of that!

Picard didn't have too many options. It was war and the Borg are not your ordinary enemy. Regarding the Queen, while it is contentious, making sure there was nothing left of the Borg may have been necessary. It was certainly sensible.
Sensible? Hmmm. Sounds a lot like opening fire on the Narada. With the Queen (and by extension her collective) clearly crippled as she was before her spine was snapped, why didn't Picard have all the immobilized Borg rushed to sickbay and deBorgified? Many of them were his crew, after all.
Maybe he did, after the battle, although I seem to remember that wasn't considered an option in the movie when the fighting was happening (don't make me watch that too).

The "Queen" does raise some issues, but till then the Borg were more a force of nature. Never the less, the Borg were always an on going risk, unlike the Narada, as far as I can see.

He [Picard] seemed over his vengeful Borg hating by "I, Borg". Major relapse in the interim.
I guess having your ship almost Borgified out from under you will do that.

Rarding Kirk, the whole point was he didn't sit back and watch the empire burn. His position evolved. That is a part of the optimism of Star Trek I am talking about. It is not that any one person at any given time is perfect but that but that their society as a whole is an improvement. Though the individuals usually do pretty well at conquering their demons.
But at that point, he would have let the Klingons burn. At the end of XI, Kirk offered to assist the crippled Narada in the hopes of making peace with Romulus. He tried!
Prime Kirk maybe, but obviously not the Federation. Besides there is still a significant gap between "letting them burn" and "fanning the flames". Moreover it is obvious he made the offer for the wrong reasons. Ie. out of political expediency rather than humanitarianism and just how serious was it anyway. It is a very different scene to the one in "Balance of Terror" where for one thing Kirk doesn't say: "You are dying but you refuse my help? You ungrateful SOB. Fire everything!

How was he going to help anyway? Could Nero abandon ship in life rafts? Could Krik beam them off, in which case he should have done that whatever Nero wanted. These guys were just criminals not honourable enemy soliders. If there was the slightest doubt of escape you would think they would do that if they could rather than risk not killing them. On top of everything there just didn't seem time to make other than an apparently insincere offer (given what followed).
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