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Re: My "Just Saw Insurrection For the First Time" Review.

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The main thing that makes no sense is the Federation stepping into this situation at all. The Council should've told Ru'afo and his thugs to fuck off and not be caught anywhere near the Briar Patch, lest a Federation task force forcibly "remove" them. What we got instead was a Federation Council apparently dazzled by promises of immortality sold by one of the slimiest characters (figuratively and literally) ever put to film. It also involves a pretext in which the Federation deliberately violates the Prime Directive in order to benefit Federation citizens, which is one of the things the PD is specifically supposed to prevent.

So, yeah, it doesn't make much sense at all.
Technically, the Federation should've said it wasn't their planet and any interaction should be handled between the S'ona and the Ba'ku.

If its not the Federations planet they have no right restricting who may and may not go there...

exactly. It's once again an example of having it both ways-the Federation had no right to get involved, it's not their planet!

But wait, it IS their planet when it comes to defending the Baku. Sorry, doesn't work-if you're going to argue non-interference, it goes both ways.

Also, I find it amazing the UFP would step in to rescue the Baku from a group with good motives for a grudge against them, but WOULDN'T step in to stop mass murder and slavery of the Bajorans.
Bajor wasn't in Federation space. The Ba'ku are. If they are under attack and ask for help, the Federation have jurisdiction, as well as a moral obligation to step in.

Bajor was annexed by the Cardassian Union and apparently it didn't matter enough to anyone else to stand up to the Cardies over it. You seem surprised the Federation would behave in any way like a political entity, and mind its own business in some cases while meddling in others.
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