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Re: Indiana Jones and the Magic Fridge

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Iron Man gets a similar treatment to the Nuclear Fridge landing, when his prototype suit crash-lands in the desert, after he escapes the cave. I don't believe that he and his cave-mate wired inertial dampeners into the suit. Why does Iron Man get a pass?
Because it was a good movie. The rest of the movie was good enough to have wave that away. And, believe me, it's a complaint I -and others- had. Similar to the other "slapstick" moments when he's testing various aspects of the suit and gets slammed into a concrete wall.

But Iron Man was a good movie so, meh, whatever.

If Indy 4 had been a good movie people would probably be a bit more forgiving over the fridge moment. It'd be, "Yeah, that was dumb, but it was great seeing Indy again!"

Instead the movie just kept heaping on piles of shit (again, chase scene, Shia doing fencing on the back of JEEPS SPEEDING THROUGH THE JUNGLE!, the multiple waterfalls) and it wasn't good enough to overlook the nonsense. Part of suspension of disbelief is suspending it, and it's the film maker's job to do that by whatever means they have to. Having a good movie buys a LOT of suspension of disbelief.
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