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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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The Foundry Officer Report is actually gone, not a bug.
Foundry missions now reward dilithium directly based on average playthrough time in theory.
Haven't tested that yet.
No more fleet marks for them, though.

Andorian fans, wake up.
First picture of the Kumari ship line has been posted on the STO Friday Screenshot page.
I was testing my own foundry mission, partly because I was testing some changes I've made and partly to see how much dilithium can be earned. I received 0 dilithium when previously the mission gave 440 dilithium, so I assumed it was bugged.

Perhaps Cryptic decided not to award dilithium to authors playing their own missions? Can someone please run my foundry mission, "Komahashi Maru"? Tell me how much dilithium you earn from it?
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