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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

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So first Spielberg and Hanks gave us Saving Private Ryan, about a few soldiers. That's fine, nothing wrong with that... then they teamed up with HBO to give us the Army-themed series Band of Brothers. And then the triumvirate produced The Pacific, about the Marine Corps.

At this point, one could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that it was the Navy's turn to get the S-H-HBO WW2 spotlight, what with the Navy being arguably the most important branch of service during that particular time. But some sailor must have sat on Steven's glasses or made one too many "Run, Forrest!" jokes to Hanks at some point, because the semaphore signals have revealed that the next HBO WW2 miniseries will again honor non-floating (or sub-floating) warriors by focusing on aerial warfare over Europe, even though this material has been all but exhausted by the George Lucas-commissioned masterpiece Red Tails. (And what's more, the Air Force didn't even become a separate branch until after the war!)

Let's see... President Carter served in the Navy. Maybe the S-H-HBO boys would accept an apology from him for whatever it was wronged them? And give us a submarine or battleship-themed miniseries at last?

Well, the best branch to cover will ALWAYS be the USMC. The rest of ya are just normal to our awesomeness!!
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