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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

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I've seen all of those shows, like three times each. I've seen McHale's Navy, I've seen Black Sheep Squadron, Midway, Tora Tora Tora!, Enemy Below, Run Silent, Run Deep, etc. etc. countless times, which means I don't give a tinker's damn if Spielberg and company never find it in their hearts to do "Band of Sailors" because I've already seen the best (and worst) WWII naval stories Hollywood has to offer.
As good as some of those shows were, they don't have the time for the more detailed and in-depth treatment that a mini-series has. The Thin Red Line was a great movie, but that doesn't diminish The Pacific in any way, and I'm glad it was made.

Also, to use the example of Victory at Sea: As fine as it is, it has some real problems of historical accuracy. A lot of fine scholarship has come out in the past 60 years; it would be nice to see something with a good budget be able to take advantage of it.

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Granted, one wouldn't want to see twelve episodes of only that, but I can definitely picture a miniseries of, say, four three-episode arcs, say, about admirals, a sub crew, a convoy, a squad of carrier-based pilots... with the admiral eps serving as relatively cheap "bottle" shows to offset the cost of showing full-on naval battles.
That would be great, but that wouldn't be a miniseries based on the four admirals lives, which is what I was responding to.
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